As a result of years of research it found that one such peptide factors acting selectively on hematopoietic stem cells, is a peptide alanyl-gamma-glutamyl-tryptophan (“peptide AEW”). It was the basis substance of biologically active food supplement named Stvologen®.

Introduction of Stvologen® opens a new era of safe peptide regulation of body’s own stem cells, and enables the application of “endogenous” cell therapy by the organism’s own stem cells.

The method of “endogenous” stem cell therapy that stimulates internal reserves of human stem cells as a strategic alternative to the “exogenous” stem cell therapy where foreign stem cells are introduced into the organism in the latter. The endogenous method allows the body to avoid the complications inherent in exogenous approaches, as well as completely remove ethical issues of using fetal stem cells for therapeutic purposes.

Stvologen® was shown to stimulate the body’s own “parental” hemopoietic stem cells resulting in the increase of the number of monocytes and lymphocytes of various types, as well as B-lymphocytes, responsible for antibody formation to foreign agents. Also, Stvologen® increased activity of monocytes – major defense cells. Stvologen®, via stimulation of hematopoietic stem cells and enhancement of cellular and humoral immunity, increases the overall resistance of the body and helping it to resist various infections.