Manus Pharmaceuticals Canada Ltd. is a Canadian biotechnology company founded in 1993. Manus focuses on the research, development and commercialization of peptide-based products for pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement markets. Manus concentrates on products which influence the most essential systems of living organisms – the immune and the central nervous systems.

Manus is developing its latest innovations in the field of pharmaceutical peptide preparations for the treatment of immunodeficiency, cancer, autoimmunity and hematological diseases, including stem cells therapy and bone marrow transplantation. Our company has also carried out developments of a new generation of peptides and peptidomimetics with analgesics and stress-preventive properties.

Our team has over 40 years of experience in peptide chemistry, API manufacturing, preparative and analytical chromatography, protein and peptide biochemistry.

Our scientific portfolio is comprised of two major families of products, protected by more than 50 patents in leading countries, including the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Eurasian PCT, China and Latin America. We are currently focused on advancing our peptide drug candidates through to clinical development. We have a portfolio of promising novel drugs and drug candidates with unique actions in preclinical and clinical development for disease indications with large markets. We also have an active discovery program underway identifying new small molecules for targeted clinical development.


Technology platform

Manus Pharmaceuticals has created a platform technology for the development of a new generation of peptides and peptidomimetics. The Company’s patented core technology is a proprietary peptide-based research platform, which can potentially be applied to the treatment of a number of diseases related to hemopoietic and immune system as well as central and peripheral nervous systems.

The scientific interests of Manus scientists are focused on structural and functional interactions of biologically active peptides. Our company holds a unique library of biologically active peptides.